Thu Apr 02, 2020 23:09
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HUAKANG BIOMED (08622) FY19 loss reduced to RMB284,000 19:42
FUTEX HLDGS (08506) FY19 profit RMB16.61M, down 20% 19:41
FURNIWEB (08480) sinks into red, FY19 loss MYR48.26M 19:40
PROSPEROUSPRINT (08385) FY19 profit HK$17.86M, down 27% 19:39
SDM GROUP (08363) FY19 loss rises to HK$87.03M 19:38
LARRY JEWELRY (08351) sinks into red, FY19 loss HK$126.11M 19:37
MINGWAH HI TECH (08301) sinks into red, FY19 loss RMB17.03M 19:35
SINO-LIFE GROUP (08296) FY19 loss reduced to RMB3.51M 19:34
ZIONCOM (08287) FY19 loss reduced to HK$8.59M 19:33
CCOE (08286) FY19 loss reduced to RMB1.21M 19:32
HON CORP (08259) sinks into red, FY19 loss S$4.68M 19:31
RUIYUAN IC TECH (08249) FY19 loss rises to RMB6.84M 19:30
CHINA BINARY (08255) FY19 loss reduced to RMB49.65M 19:30
POWERLEADER (08236) FY19 profit RMB97.1M, up 212% 19:28
ZHEJIANG YONGAN (08211) FY19 loss rises to RMB49.21M 19:24
HAITIAN ANTENNA (08227) FY19 loss reduced to RMB24.06M 19:24
GLOBAL TOKEN (08192) FY19 loss reduced to HK$76.96M 19:23
C DIGITAL CUL (08175) FY19 loss rises to HK$400.48M 19:22
LAJIN ENT (08172) FY19 loss reduced to HK$86.72M 19:20
MERDEKA FIN (08163) FY19 loss reduced to HK$84.11M 19:19
C FORTUNE INV (08116) FY19 loss reduced to HK$129.13M 19:15
CHI E-INFO TECH (08055) FY19 loss rises to HK$104.22M 19:13
JILIN CHANGLONG (08049) FY19 profit RMB145.48M, down 10% 19:12
EVERSHINE GP (08022) FY19 loss reduced to HK$92.28M 19:10
ORIENTSEC INT (08001) turns around, FY19 profit HK$4.55M 19:09
OURGAME (06899) FY19 loss reduced to RMB419.21M 19:01
GOLDEN THROAT (06896) FY19 profit up 64%; div $0.12 19:00
FREETECH (06888) turns around, FY19 profit HK$4.14M 18:59
BEIGENE (06160) FY19 loss rises to US$948.63M 18:56
CH GREENFRESH (06183) FY19 profit RMB123.23M, down 14% 18:56
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